Christopher Miceli, Missouri for Miceli

My Reason for Involvement...

“Maintaining Missouri's Future”
My main objective each and every day is to be better than I was yesterday...


Woodneath Mid-Continent Public Library...

We are living in exciting times with the most recent General Election determining the next four years of our great nation’s history, and consequently her historic march into the future.

Whatever your political affiliation I choose to believe that the central core of its livelihood would be, and is, to build a better America and establish a foundation of interlocking states aimed at propagating such growth in a rollup type process.  Our nation is only as strong as the individual states that support it.  As such, the individual states are only as strong as the citizens that choose to call them home.

With that said, I am proud to say that I am one of the individuals that chose Missouri as home for myself and my family, and as such will continue to help build a better, stronger, and more involved community to make our nation’s central state one to be admired and sought after.

  • Our Missouri Citizens:
    • Strength comes from our Missouri citizens, with a primary right to be secure in their persons, their homes and their communities. 
  • Our State Representation:
    • Political power that is vested in and derived from those Missouri citizens should be instituted solely for the good of the whole. 
  • Our Federal Government:
    • The primary job of the Federal Government has always been to secure the domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense and general welfare of our citizens.
    • Not to Decide State Policy!

In summation, the above (3) bulleted points should be, in my humbled opinion, every State Representatives’ starting point.

My name is Christopher Miceli and it is my intent to run for State Senate in 2020. I am requesting your input, your support, and your contributions to help maintain our current Republican Seat and all future politics concerning the Party.


MO State, District, & Local GOP Friends: on the below image to expand

US and State Representatives in photos:  President: Donald Trump "Cutout" / U.S. Senator: Roy Blunt / Governor: Eric Greitens / Lieutenant Governor: Mike Parson / State Senator - District 17: Ryan Silvey / State Representative - District 12: Kenneth Wilson / State Representative - District 14: Kevin Corlew / State Representative - District 16: Noel Shull / State Representative - District 38: T.J. Berry / Clay County Presiding Commissioner: Jerry Nolte

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."                                                                                                            ...Ronald Reagan

Missouri GOP State Convention:

Myself with the prettiest girl at the ball...

Both myself and my lovely wife Anna were invited to The Hilton Branson Convention Center May 20-21 for the 2016 Missouri Republican State Convention.  At the state convention, delegates and alternates elected at the local caucuses (of which it was my honor to be one of) made important decisions about the state party’s platform and selected National Delegates.

The convention was a two-day event consisting of Convention Registration and Hospitality suites on the first day, with Delegate/Alternate Credentialing and Convention Session #1 and #2 on the second days’ agenda.

The Convention offered several breakout seminars as shown below:

  • Training Seminars (pt. 1)
    • Media Relations and Interview Training
    • Grassroots and Virtual Precincts Training
    • Social Media for Beginners
  • Training Seminars (pt. 2)
    • Media Relations and Interview Training
    • Grassroots and Virtual Precincts Training
    • Advanced Social Media
  • State Committee Meeting

The event ran smoothly and gave Anna and myself a chance to connect with the then hopeful candidates, culminating with the 2016 MO Republican Banquet Kickoff.  The party supplied its fair share of guest speakers and enough political conversations to last well into the night.

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